Analysis of Logistics Operations in the East Antioqueño Plateau Companies.

Elizabeth Brand Serna, Luis Orlando Monsalve Fonseca, Eliana Rojas Duque


The main objective of this study is to present the
logistic activities developed in the companies,
identifying weaknesses and training needs of the
staff, in order to provide relevant information to
SENA training programs, focused on improving
the competitiveness of the region. In this sense,
a survey was carried out with sample estimation
with an infinite population proportion, with a
confidence level of 95%, by telephone calls 179
responses were obtained from companies from
eastern Antioquia. 67.04% of companies expressed
having weaknesses in logistics processes. These
weaknesses are mainly related to: shipments /
delivery / distribution, freight transport, lack of
trained personnel, lack of Programming / software
/ software and last inventory management.
Likewise, entrepreneurs declared the need for
training mainly in topics of: strengthening and
updating in logistics techniques, dispatch /
distribution / delivery, inventory / merchandise
management and storage. In this context, SENA
must address formative programs focused on the
needs detected. On the other hand, 46.93% of the
companies staff do not use computer applications
within their logistical processes, so the opportunity
arises to design accessible computer tools for the
logistic processes of companies. In addition to
the above, 64.25% of companies use indicators to
measure logistics management, the indicators of
measurement of the level of achievement of the
delivery, the level of service and the percentage of
shipment cost.

Palabras clave

training needs, logistics processes, companies.

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Cámara de Comercio del Oriente Antioqueño


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