Marketing of City as a revitalizing strategy for the management of attributes in the tourist sector of the Santa Marta district.

Rafael Alfonso Yepes Conde


This research aimed to analyze city marketing
as a revitalizing strategy for the management of
attributes in the tourism sector of the district
of Santa Marta. An investigation was carried
out based on the authors: Benko (2000) Kotler,
Gertner, Rein and Haider (2007), Monchón (2008),
among others. According to its methodology,
the trajectory used for this research was the
Phenomenological through which it was tried to see
things from the optics of the informants to achieve
to understand and to interpret the experience of
these, achieving thus to approach it to the essence
of a leader in situation Of crisis. The instruments
used in the research as well as the procedures
and strategies are dictated by the chosen method,
although basically, it is centered around the semistructured
interview and the direct or participatory
observation. The methodology used was the postpositivist
research paradigm. It was interviewed
tourists and personnel related to the tourism and
commercial sector of the district of Santa Marta
in order to know appreciations and to be able to
make decisions regarding the causes of not having
a marketing of city that allows the impulse of the
region. That is why theoretical guidelines should be
generated for the understanding of city marketing
as a revitalizing strategy for the management of
attributes in the tourism sector.

Palabras clave

Marketing, Management of Attributes

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