Puntos fuertes y débiles en la formación por competencias según los egresados del SENA

Jose Alonso Oviedo Monroy


The target of the research is descriptive exploratory analysis of the skills that graduates of the SENA considered strengths or weaknesses in their studies. To do the results based on a sample of 161 graduates into twelve areas are described, five of them being statistically significant. The results show that graduates say as strengths of their studies skills related to traditional teaching methods and knowledge, analytical skills and learning and teamwork. By contrast, the skills related to communication skills in foreign languages, and leadership skills are revealed as weaknesses in technological studies.

Palabras clave

Competencias; Programas de formación; Aprendizaje; Enfoque del aprendizaje; Contexto de aprendizaje; Puntos fuertes y débiles; SENA

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23850/2422068X.382

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