Revista Colombiana de Investigaciones Agroindustriales

Current Issue

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2023)
Published November 30, 2022

The Revista Colombiana de Investigaciones Agroindustriales with ISSN 2422-4456 is an open access, digital journal. International peer-reviewed and continuous periodicity. Its main objective is the circulation of specialized knowledge through the publication of scientific and technological research, related to the areas of Agri-Food Sciences, Secondary Metabolites, Agricultural Biotechnology, Apiculture Agroindustry and Technological Development and Business Innovation; it also includes applications of other related sciences that can enrich the discipline such as: Biotechnology, Bioprocesses, Nutrition and Innocuousness, Applied Informatics, Applied Economics and Applied Mathematics. The journal is published by the Centro Agropecuario del Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA, Buga-Valle, Colombia.


Apiarian agroindustry

Nieve Esther Lectong-Cusme, Isaac Leonel López-Pinargote, Vicky Yuliana Parrales-Mendoza, Neiva Marcela Quiñonez-Becerra, Beatriz María Bravo-Zamora, Arnaldo Narcizo Cevallos-Mendoza
Use of propolis and ε-polylysine as preservative agents in beaten yogurt
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Agrifood Sciences

Alex Alberto Dueñas-Rivadeneira, Plinio Abelardo Vargas-Zambrano, Jaime Fabián Vera-Chang, Luis Humberto Vásquez-Cortez, Wilfrido Xavier Viteri-Andrade, Jorge Ignacio García-Mejía, Kerly Estefanía Alvarado-Vásquez, Alexandra Andreina Meza-Cool
Effect of muyuyo gum (Cordia lutea) as a stabilizing agent and on the shelf life of orange nectar (Citrus x sinensis)
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José Luis Cevallos-Lino, Marlon Reinaldo Castro-García, Vanessa Gabriela Espinoza-Posligua, Julio Enrique Ávila-Roca, Cesar Fabian López-Zambrano, Italo Pedro Bello-Moreira
Comparative study of two edible coatings based on biopolymers and cinnamaldehyde in the conservation of cucumber Cucumis sativus L.
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Beatriz Guevara-Guerrero, Carlos Andrés Beltrán, Juan Carlos Montero-Montero, Magda Piedad Valdés-Restrepo
Pickering emulsions as encapsulation means of bioactive compounds: review
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